Becoming 2020: My Day in Bullet Points

An odd prompt turned into a bit of a realization!

My Wake Up Routine

  • Woke up around 5am
  • Then again at 6-something
  • By the time I got back to bed, I was attracted to my phone…
  • “Is that a follower?”
  • I squint my eyes
  • “Ermahgerd…it is! And two likes!?”
  • Sleep postponed for tomorrow
  • I want to go to the zoo
Photo by Gratisography

Chai Time

  • Someone made chai
  • We speculate breakfast while eating biscuits
  • The rest of the house slowly rise from their night coffins
  • We speculate breakfast again
  • I suggest we go to a fast-seating diner nearby
  • They protest for pancakes at IHOP
Photo by fotografierende

On Our Way to IHOP

  • There’s a football game going on today
  • There are a lot of people, all in green or red
  • My boyfriend says to me, “I’m worried about your voice in society.”
  • Naturally, I ask what he means
  • “Just now you said that you told me something already, and that happens a lot. If I’m missing these things, I can’t imagine what other people miss.”
Photo by Alin Olariu

Outside IHOP

  • We’re greeted with, “Bruh…it’s a 45 minute wait, we can’t wait that long.”
  • I remember having asked if an hour wait was acceptable to the
  • “We should go to that diner near the house!”
  • I squeeze my boyfriend’s arm
Photo by Cátia Matos

At the Diner

  • “Dude, they have pancakes!”
Photo by Daria Shevtsova

Back Home

  • Like most days, it was spent watching the boys play Xbox
  • While I played PUBG in the background
  • …and wrote this.
Photo by Soumil Kumar

Reflecting 2020

It felt weird writing this, but also it made me realize a few things. Did you pick up on those?

Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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