Becoming 2020: Ghosted by Employer, My Opinion

My employer totally ghosted me…here’s how I feel about it.

Photo by Kat Jayne

The Briefest Preface

Without giving too much away, I was a remote content editor for an online education program. It’s a small, penny-pinching, semi-established company of whom, apparently, forget who they hire!

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The First Red Flag

I was only with them for a few months, writing and editing content as needed, before things in the company started shifting. I knew I’d be getting a little less work than before, but I was fine with that because I tutor on the side. A few fellow content team members weren’t so lucky as they were let go due to budget cuts. What did I care, I was safe!

Or so I thought...

The Rising Action

The rocky ride ended with an array of wonderful assignments! I got to write my first press release for them, and was given full creative power over their social media posts, too. Naturally, I was ecstatic!

Photo by Tim Gouw

Halloween was approaching, and so was the holiday content! My hours were stable, and everything was fine and dandy. If anything bad came of that time, it was how much I realized people needed to be reminded to stay calm during the “stressful” holiday season. Why did we let it get this way?

As fate would have it, during the season, that very question was about to be answered.

Photo by energepic

The Climax…I guess?!

I was wishing families a Happy 2020 in November––not my favorite thing to do; I used to believe it screwed with the Christmas juju (I mean presents), and since it’s never technically failed me…right?

The more hours I was clocking in, the less I was gaining for the future.

But it’s the holiday, right? They even sent me a card.

The Falling Action

Don’t get me wrong, I love a long break, but work has been too sparse as it is for me to be taking this long of a break. How long, you ask? Two months.

I think I should send them an email.

“You haven’t contacted them yet?!?!?!?!” my roommates gawk at me.

I sat down that night…

Having not been assigned or contacted in the last two months, it’s becoming apparent that your silence may be due to more than just the natural slumber of the holiday season!

I get an instant reply back. She’s out of the office for a week. Great.

Photo by Markus Spiske

The Re..solution?

The next day, my manager replies.

That’s totally my bad!!!  I meant to contact you last month* to let you know! 

*Remember that question? Well, this was its answer.

And this was their answer to my question.

Photo by Elina Krima

My Take-Away and Opinion

Working for people sucks. But if you have to, like myself (at least for now), I suggest getting a full-time job with benefits! If you’re not strapped for cash, I’d suggest working at In N Out or McDonald’s. They pay well and give better benefits than most hourly jobs, apparently. (Well, except for proper corporate jobs… I’m just talking entry-level here!)

I guess my opinion, adhering to the prompt of this post, is not about benefits, but taking care of your employees. More specifically, if managers and teammates expect us to work as a team, they need to work on their communication skills with each other and with their employees!

Photo by Paddy O Sullivan

Reflecting 2020

What have been your strangest/rudest/weirdest experiences with employers? Maybe you’ve been a lucky ducky?

Share your story in the comments, or with me on Instagram @reniethewriter!

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