Hello, my name is Renie!

Welcome to my up-and-coming anthology of thoughts and other tRoUbLiNg SyMpToMs of life on earth.


With a new lease on love and a brand new decade upon us, I have decided–along with the rest of the world–to start something fresh and productive! Will I join the many who have fallen, or will I succeed in creating a safe haven for unpopular opinions?

I’m on a journey to become my FULL self.

Through writing, I aim to explore life and its many manic mysteries. After leaving a lot of negativity in 2010s, and brushing off the calamities of Jan 2020, I’ve decided to become 20/20 (or 100%) of myself––no matter what it takes. This means finding happiness, health, and lots of wealth (ha!)…

Are you feeling a little lost, or in need of some amusement?

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